The CARDOX system is a non-explosive blasting technique.

Originally developed for use in fiery coal seams, Can-Dive uses the CARDOX System extensively for breaking rock, concrete and many other materials expeditiously, with complete safety and without any adverse effects. CARDOX produces instantaneously a powerful heaving force, using carbon dioxide which cracks and breaks the material along natural and/or induced fracture plains whilst heaving it away from the mass of rock/concrete.

The benefits of Non-Explosive Blasting:

- No blasting or environmental permits required
- No negative environmental impact
- No special permits required for storage, use or transportation
- No damaging shock waves or vibrations

How it works:

One or more holes are drilled in the material to be broken and the CARDOX Tube(s) inserted. The Tube(s) are filled with liquid carbon dioxide. When energized by the application of a small electrical charge, a chemical heater inside instantly converts the liquid carbon dioxide to a gas. This conversion expands the CO2 volume and builds up pressure inside the tube until it causes the rupture disc at the end of the tube to burst. This releases the C02 - now 660 times the original volume - through a special discharge nozzle to create a powerful heaving force, at pressures up to 40,000 psi (3,000 bar). This all takes place in milliseconds.

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CAN-DIVE is Canada’s only authorized CARDOX contractor.