Ensuring the safety, health and well being of our employees and customers is a core value in our company. At Can-Dive we believe that all incidents are preventable and the goal of zero harm to people is attainable. We will show continuous improvement toward this goal by systematically managing and integrating safety and occupational health into all our business decisions, plans and operations. At Can-Dive, our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

Can-Dive is committed to compliance with all applicable governmental laws, regulations and policies as well as to customer’s own standards. Management will demonstrate commitment to, and accountability for, safety and occupational health. All employees and contractors will recognize that working safely is a condition of employment and that they are accountable for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Can-Dive publishes and routinely updates a number of safety and operational manuals as well as numerous daily checklists to help ensure corporate quality control and safe diving operations. We also utilize many industry standard publications. These are always on-site, in both electronic and paper format. They include, but are not limited to:


CAN-DIVE Manuals
- Surface Air Diving Procedures Manual
- Health & Safety Manual
- Minimum Equipment Manual
- Environmental Management Plan
- Oceaneering Diving Operations Manual Volume 1
- Oceaneering Diving Operations Manual Volume 2
- Oceaneering Decompression Chamber Operations
- Diving Accident Management Manual

DCIEM Manuals
- Air Diving Manual
- HEO2 Diving Manual

US Manuals
- US Navy Diving Manual Rev. 6
- US Navy Umbilical Manual
- US Navy Salvage Diving Manual
- US Navy Guide for Contaminated Water Diving
- US Navy Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual
- US Navy Sanitizing Agents
- US Army Rigging Handbook
- US Coast Guard Boat Operators Handbook


- Tailboard Meeting Form
- Daily Dive Plan #1
- Surface Air Diving Plan #2
- Dive Stage Checklist #3
- Decompression Checklist #4
- Environmental Orientation Record
- Quick Sanitizing Procedures for Diving Helmets
- Confined Space Hazard Ass. #1
- Confined Space Procedures #2
- Confined Space Entry Permit #3
- Confined Space Monitor Log #4
- First Aid Assessment Work WCB
- First Aid Plan
- Emergency Preparedness & Fire Prevention Plan