Can-Dive Construction provides its clients with diving services on a 24-hour, seven days a week, emergency and non-emergency response basis. Our highly skilled and experienced divers use the latest in diving technology and equipment to respond to all your underwater needs. From pipeline installation, our specialty, to marine construction including pier and dock repair, to salvage and recovery, to underwater welding, surveys and video documentation, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Since 1967 Can-Dive has provided diving support to offshore oil and gas exploration programs on both the east and west coast and the arctic.

Can-Dive commercial diving services and capabilities include:

Marine Pipelines
Installation and Repairs for HDPE, steel and concrete:

- Outfalls
- Intakes
- Potable water mains
- Sewage force mains

Many years of successful experience has earned Can-Dive Construction a reputation as one of the leading marine pipeline companies. Can-Dive is a specialist in the installation of pipelines in the near shore environment. Our pipeline expertise includes installations, removals, repairs, and inspections. We have completed miles of pipelines through bays, lakes, river crossings, onshore beach approaches, and offshore. We have developed a vast array of specialized equipment and techniques to perform complex and difficult pipeline projects. The installation of pipelines has included burial through tidal zones, high wave action, high current and the excavation of rock. Installation methods vary from Float and Flood to Horizontal Directional Drilling. Pipe covering has included everything from natural fill, use of jet sled and hand jetting to concrete diver placed protection mats for erosion control and shoreline protection. Varying diameter pipelines including a wide variety of diffuser designs have been installed from onshore above the water line to deep water over 450 ft.

Type of pipelines have included large diameter plastic, steel and concrete water outfalls to small diameter HDPE water intakes. Projects have ranged from providing support as a subcontractor to prime contracting of turnkey projects including the building of onshore pump houses. Many engineered in water tie-ins have been made to existing outfalls that only Can-Dive with their special expertise and extensive experience can provide.

Marine Construction
Can-Dive Construction is experienced in heavy marine construction and structural installations and all types of refurbishment and rehabilitation projects. Can-Dives experience coupled with experienced personnel and strong asset resource base can provide a cost effective solution to your needs. Can-Dive is committed to safety and environmental concerns as evidenced by one of the best track records in the industry. Can-Dive Construction offers both day rate and fixed price contracts requiring full bonding and insurance coverage. We will respond to requests for bids on a sub-contractor or prime contractor basis, according to needs throughout the life of your project.

Projects undertaken range from simple in water inspection and repairs to major undertakings involving:

- Hydro Electric Projects
- Locks and Dams
- Bridge and Pier foundation work
- Docks and Wharfs erection and repairs
- Pile Restoration
- Underwater Cable Landings
- Dredging and Jetting
- Power and Communication Cable
- Underwater Welding and Cutting
- Cathodic Protection Systems
- Underwater Coatings
- High Pressure Water Blasting
- Ship Husbandry

Salvage and Recovery
Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Ships, Barges, Cranes

NDT Ultrasonic, Hydrographic, Video Documentation, Side Scan Sonar

Potable Water Systems
Cleaning, Installation and Repairs according to CSA

Hazmat Diving Service
Ranging from Millponds to Waste Water Treatment Facilities

CARDOX Non-Explosive Blasting and Conventional Explosives

Dive Methods
Standard Surface Supplied Air (up to 165 fsw depth)
Nitrox (extended bottom times)
Mixed Gas (up to 220 fsw depth)

Specialized Equipment
Wide variety of Decompression Chambers, Saturation Systems / Diving Bells, Hot /Cold Water Dive Systems, NDT Equipment

ADS – Atmospheric Dive System
Can-Dive construction can provide atmospheric diving services to a water depth of 1000 fsw by means of the ADS system the NEWSUIT. The lightweight NEWTSUIT allows a man to remain at one atmosphere and also work at depth for long periods of time. This allows the operator to return directly to the surface without having to undergo expensive and potentially risky decompression faced by conventional dive methods.

The NEWTSUIT complete with thruster pack allows the operator to work mid water or on the bottom and with the advantage of “ being on the job” combined with the dexterity that the NEWTSUIT provides, the majority of tasks normally done by conventional/saturation diving can be accomplished.

The NEWSUIT and operator can complete the majority of underwater work tasks using “off the shelf” tools. Some of the more complicated tasks that require special tooling can usually be accomplished with only minor modifications to the equipment.

Deep Worker is an un-tethered, one atmosphere submersible with a maximum depth rating of 2000 feet. It is compact but there is adequate room for the pilot within a 36 inch diameter sphere fitted with a cylindrical extension to accommodate the pilot's legs. Space is about equal to that provided by a first-class airplane seat and the view is excellent, thanks to the 26 inch acrylic dome. Deep Worker 2000 is powered by ten, high ampere, deep cycle batteries located in two large battery pods on the sides of the vehicle. Propulsion comes from two main one HP thrusters and two other one HP thrusters which are angled to provide lateral control. Thrusters are available in a variety of horsepower ratings but this package can propel the Deep Worker 2000 at a top speed of three to four knots.

ROV - Remote Operated Vehicles
• Seabotix LBV200
• Sea Eye Falcon
• Phantom HD2
• Digital side scan, towed sonar systems
• Digital high-resolution scanning sonar
• Differential GPS survey and positioning systems
• Total station digital survey systems
• High-resolution, closed circuit video monitoring, recording and printing systems

All ROV’s may be configured with manipulators (robotic arms), scanning sonar, or still photography to suit a variety of tasks.

Documentation of underwater surveys, inspections, and construction is aided with Can-Dive's large inventory of underwater cameras. Models range from small helmet-mounted units to larger units with remote pan/tilt/focus/zoom capabilities. In addition to video, still photos are also possible. In some cases we are able to provide underwater High Definition video recording capabilities.

We can also custom design, fabricate and install specific equipment to meet your project needs.

Our long list of assets, coupled with the experience of our seasoned management team allow us to efficiently and effectively service all of our customers.

Client references and descriptive information on completed projects are available on request.